Know about the stone of September Lapis Lazuli

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Location: Cedar Park, Texas, United States
Address: Cedar Park, 78613, Texas, USA (Ver Mapa más abajo)
Published: 15 Setiembre
Price: $ 100
Advertiser: Particular
User: orgonitecrystals
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Orgone energy generating devices and healing orgonite crystals have been a constant companion of man for centuries. Even though the ancients didn’t wear orgonite bracelets or have an orgonite pyramid, they wore the crystals as jewelry. They knew that crystals had the power to protect them from all evil and negative energies. One of the most popular crystals known to man is Lapis Lazuli. The crystal comes in a wonderful blue hue that calms your mind, the instant you set your eyes upon it. This orgonite crystal is known for many of its amazing properties.

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